The rates of our Premium Escorts start from 320 euro's for 1 hour. If there are extra expenses (for example a plane ticket for an international booking) then we would like to inform you about this in advance so you don't have any surprises afterwards. We at Premium Escort Service find that clarity and never back down for our commitments are very important. Not only for our ladies, but you as a client will definitely benefit from it.

Rates are not immediately fixed! It is possible that the indicated price deviates from the actual price. You will always receive an email with the actual price which you can pay online or in cash.

Travel expenses for The Netherlands and Belgium are completely included with the price.

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Endless possibilities

There is also the possibility of course for you to book our Premium Escorts, without ending in the bedroom. Maybe you just like to go on a relaxed vacation, or would you like to accompany yourself at a business diner by one of our Premium Escorts. This service is called "Explore Eachother", is not mentioned at Services but it is possible. The rates for this are 250 euro´s, with a minimum duration of 3 hours. For more information and to keep you up to date about our prices you can always give us a call of send us an email. 

In the column on the right you see the rates for our Premium Escorts, which are equal for everybody. These rates apply for anyone who book in advance. If you want to book an extra hour during your appointment, it will cost you 250 euro´s and you will pay it in cash.

All travelexpenses inside The Netherlands and Belgium are included with these rates! Takes your booking place in Germany, Luxembourg or somewhere else? Premium Escort Service charges 0.50€ per kilometer outside The Netherlands and Belgium.

Can't you find what you are really looking for? We are ready for you day and night for every question and we we will do anything to make sure that you get what you desire. 

Booking duration

Booking for 1 hour: 320€

Booking for 2 hours: 520€ 

Booking for 3 hours: 720€

Booking for 4 hours: 900€

Booking for 5 hours: 1100€

Booking for 6 hours: 1300€

Booking for 12 hours (sleep-over): 1600€

Booking for 24 hours (whole day): 2000€

Booking for every extra day: 500€

Booking for a week: 5000€

Booking for every extra week: 1000€