Natural E-Cup blonde High Class Escort from Brussels, BE | av. €600 2/hrs

Giselle is a High Class Escort from Brussels. With her golden blonde lures, eyes to drown in and a smile that warmly greets with an intense desire to make love, it's almost impossible to resist. Eyes to deeply fall in love with accompanied by a slim body with the most perfect proportions. No, this is not an illusion. Giselle is just perfect. She has an equally beautiful character. She’s gentle and is always committed to have a great and joyful time with her date. Her body is a flawless perfection of art and romance, with her round and voluptuous butt being the main attraction. Dreams can indeed turn out to be a deception, but not with Giselle. "A lady in the street and a freak in the sheets". Do you already have an idea what to expect? Perhaps the nickname Aphrodite is best suited to describe Giselle, because it’s highly unlikely that someone won’t notice her or wouldn’t want to spend time with her. Especially once you really experienced being around such a stunning personality. Either way, we won’t be surprised if you become addicted with Giselle's company.

Join Giselle on a journey and discover each others most naughty fantasies. Accept the challenge and make an appointment with Giselle today and enjoy premium escort services at its finest.

Departing from: Brussels (BE) | Only available if appointments are confirmed at least 6 hours in advance!

Personal infromation

34 Years
E - Cup
Eye color
Hair color
Clothing size
Sushi, French & Italian cuisine
Dutch, English & French
Departure region
Brussels, BE
Bachelors degree
"Back available midway of August"


Sexual orientation
Yes, MFF
Fantasies & Fetish
Role play
Massages & Stripteases


"Your First Time"
Giselle is available for the service "Your First Time". You will find out that everybody can learn something in the sexual areas!
Dinner Date
Giselle is available for a romantic Dinner Date, with a lovely desert in the bedroom.
Girlfriend Experience
Giselle is available for an amazing experience called the Girlfriend Experience (GFE). She will make it feel like you have an intimate relationship.
Duobooking (2 Premium Escorts)
Giselle is available for a threesome, with basically every Premium Escort.
Pornstar experience
Giselle is available for the rougher variant of sex called the Pornstar Experience (PSE). Do you want something extra? Then this is something for you.
Anal sex
Unfortunately, Giselle is not available for this specific service.
International bookings
Giselle is happy to accompany you to the favorite destination of your choice. In deliberation is almost anything possible.
Special wishes
Do you have special requests? Do you need something extra? A suggestion coming from us regarding an hotel or destination? Premium Escort Service is always ready to make sure that you will enjoy your booking.


Booking for 2 hours
€ 600
Booking for 3 hours
€ 850
Booking for 4 hours
€ 1100
Booking for 5 hours
€ 1350
Booking for 6 hours
€ 1600
Booking for 12 hours
€ 2500
Booking for 24 hours
€ 40000
Every extra day
€ 1500
Booking for a week
€ 9000
Every extra week
€ 3000