Jovial blonde Porn Star Experience High Class Escort from Limburg, BE | Min. 1h - € 300

Oh Isabel. What a beauty! We are sure that your heart will beat faster as soon as Isabel is suddenly in front of you. So be prepared for it! It is purely for your information, so that you know what to expect. It is sometimes said that beauty is just a word. Until you meet someone who gives it meaning. Bet you will let go of a "wow" facial expression when you are face to face with Isabel? No, we are really not exaggerating! Isabel radiates sex appeal, satisfaction, passion, passion and desires for more. This young High Class companion from Limburg with the tantalizing looks of a Porn Star is truly an eccentric eye catcher. Isabel is the type of girl who has all eyes on her when she walks down the street. Incredibly beautiful round buttocks, bold look, voluptuous lips and a face a la Barbie. A lust for the eye! A heavenly appearance that you will not encounter anywhere else! That is one thing that is certain. No wonder that Isabel attracts so much attention.

You will be amazed by its unique and special beauty. Isabel is very easy going, especially not the prudish type. You can approach your date with a relaxed feeling. Partly because of her spontaneous character and sweet appearance, she can thrive effortlessly in every occasion. Isabel is an adventurer in heart and soul which is expressed in her spontaneity, following interesting and challenging courses and discovering and developing herself in the world of spirituality and sexuality. Traveling is the ultimate form of freedom for Isabel. She is up for anything and constantly wants to broaden her horizons. Warm, versatile, intelligent, classy, ​​spontaneous and adventurous are the words that best characterize her. She does not skip a nice party where she can let herself go kinky to some extent. Isabel sees her life as a big, beautiful and exciting journey. Because of her open and open-minded attitude, she hopes to experience many more beautiful adventures. Maybe together with you, who knows? She loves the Burgundian life. Having pleasant conversations while enjoying a nice glass of wine (or two) and tasty snacks with wonderful music in the background. Ideal for a Girlfriend Experience. But it can also go a little more towards the Porn Star Experience every now and then. In both experiences she is the ideal High Class Escort to meet up with. She attaches great importance to building beautiful connections: inspiring each other, learning from each other, reminiscing together and above all enjoying each other in the broadest sense of the word.

She takes good care of herself by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and treating herself to spa and beauty treatments. Isabel has silky skin and a weakness for beautiful lingerie and high heels that show off her sexy figure seductively. Like Estelle, she is also in possession of various cosplay & roleplay outfits such as secretary look, teacher, nurse, etc. Both can also be booked together for twice as much fun and enjoyment. Truly a utopia! You must have experienced this at least once in your life. She loves to be caring. She enjoys putting others at ease. You can rest assured that when Isabel seduces you with her deep, seductive green eyes and provocative naughty look, you will be excited spontaneously. She has a loving and warm energy that can turn into fiery, wild, passionate and adventurous lust. It takes no effort at all to make you smile and enjoy yourself. It's like it comes naturally to her.

Would you like to be pampered in a warm bath or a wonderful massage? Or do you want to make your wildest fantasy come true with Isabel? Go on an adventure with Isabel and you won't regret it.

Departs from: Limburg (BE) | Only available if appointments are confirmed at least 6 hours in advance!

Personal infromation

25 Years
Cup - F
Eye color
Light green
Hair color
Light blonde
Clothing size
Xs, S
Dom Perignon, Armand de Brignac, Veuve Clicquot & Moët
Frans, Indonesian, Chinese & Greek
Dutch & English
Wednesday, Friday night, Saturday & Sunday
Departure region
Limburg, BE


Sexual orientation
Yes, MFF
Fantasies & Fetish
Duo with Estelle
PSE, GFE, CIM, OWO, SM, BDSM, Threesome, Duo with Estelle & Role Play


"Your First Time"
Isabel is available for the service "Your First Time". You will find out that everybody can learn something in the sexual areas!
Dinner Date
Isabel is available for a romantic Dinner Date, with a lovely desert in the bedroom.
Girlfriend Experience
Isabel is available for an amazing experience called the Girlfriend Experience (GFE). She will make it feel like you have an intimate relationship.
Duobooking (2 Premium Escorts)
Isabel is available for a threesome, with basically every Premium Escort.
Pornstar experience
Isabel is available for the rougher variant of sex called the Pornstar Experience (PSE). Do you want something extra? Then this is something for you.
Anal sex
Unfortunately, Isabel is not available for this specific service.
International bookings
Isabel is happy to accompany you to the favorite destination of your choice. In deliberation is almost anything possible.
Special wishes
Do you have special requests? Do you need something extra? A suggestion coming from us regarding an hotel or destination? Premium Escort Service is always ready to make sure that you will enjoy your booking.


Booking for 1 hour
€ 300
Booking for 2 hours
€ 500
Booking for 3 hours
€ 700
Booking for 4 hours
€ 900
Booking for 5 hours
€ 1100
Booking for 6 hours
€ 1300
Booking for 9 hours
€ 1650
Booking for 12 hours
€ 2000
Booking for 24 hours
€ 3000
Every extra day
€ 1000
Booking for a week
€ 5000
Every extra week
€ 1500