Premium Escort Service is always open for meeting new beautiful appearances. Working as a High Class escortlady at Premium Escort Service is a very exciting challenge, and you will get paid very well. Exact rates will be discussed in an acquaintance interview.

Other reasons to become a Premium Escort are of course the tension and excitement that you will have with every booking. We try to make it our Premium Escorts as easy and flexible as possible, and this starts at the first acquaintance interview.


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Working as a High Class escort at Premium Escort Service

To apply for a job at Premium Escort Service you don't really need work experience, though we highly recommend to inform yourself as good as you can about working as an High Class Escort lady. This makes it for both parties easier to start a conversation. 

Which requirements do our Premium Escorts have to meet?

Our Premium Escorts are between the age of 18 and 40 years old, are fluent in Dutch and English, in the possession of a Dutch or Belgium passport and are preferely living in the Netherlands or Belgium. They do not have any (big) tattoos or noticable piercings. They are also enthusiastic, cheerful and have to emit a certain charisma. You have to be interested in a lot of subjects and be able to speak comfortably to new people. Do you meet the requirements above? Send us an email!

What can Premium Escort Service offer?

Premium Escort Service is convinced that it can garantee amazing working conditions. We want our ladies to feel at home with us, which pays back in the relations they have with our clients. Our clients are mostly highly respected business men, who also have a lot of respect for the ladies they have booked. These men have a very high standard, and that's why they don't settle for a regular escortbureau.  

In some cases we will not send our ladies directly to a client for a booking. If necessary we have the right contacts available regarding etiquette training or massage classes. This way we make sure that we can deliver quality to our clients. 

Do you still have any questions before you send us your application? We are open for everything. 

Are you the one we are looking for?

Are you in our eyes a Premium Escort? A very attractive young lady, who is sensual and easy to spend time with, but at the same time a little mysterious? Are you capable of giving men what they expect? Don't hesitate and send us as soon as possible an email ( in which you answer the questions which appear directly in  the email and we will contact you. Don't worry, we take very good care of personal information and will not in any circumstance share these with third parties. 

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