Our exclusive clients deserve the very best. Whether you would like a Dinner Date without any intimicy, an exciting night with two bisexual escorts, arranging an exclusive location, international bookings, we are always at your service. Please don't hesitate to contact us, even if you think what you want is impossible. Premium Escort Service makes it possible for you! Why would you settle for less?

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  1. "Your First Time"

    Do you need a little help from us?

    There are a lot of different kinds of "A First Time". Do you have no to very little sexual experience? Do you have a little experience but do you still wish to get some help from somebody more experienced? Maybe this is your first time with a High Class escort, or would you like to surprise your partner by learn some sexual tips/tricks! We are total ears for your wishes.
  2. Dinner Date

    Get to really know each other!

    Our Premium Escorts are not only incredibly sexy and sensual, they are also very intelligent and easy to have conversation with. A Dinner Date is fitted like a glove for our ladies. Premium Escort Service will take all worries out of your hands regarding transportation, making a reservation for the restaurant of your choice or recommending our personal suggestions, so that the only thing you have to think about is the sexy date coming your way.
  3. Girlfriend Experience

    Soft and loving!

    Our ladies offer a romantic, passionate and sensual service: the Girlfriend Expierence. The class, style and elegance of the lady is garanteed for a lot of eye viewing, and hand touching. The Premium Escort of your choice will do anything to make you feel like you have a lovely, passionate relationship. The following are included: (fresh) kissing, long foreplay, sensual sex and afterwards falling asleep in each others arms.
  4. Duobooking (2 Premium Escorts)

    Get seduced!

    Is one Premium Escort not enough for you? Would you like to be indulged bij 2 Premium Escorts, or even more? These (bisexual) ladies are going to seduce you by playing with each other and make you watch, until you can't hold it anymore and are alowed to jump in. You would feel like you could handle the whole world with this special service called Duobooking. We would like to operate concretely and open with you and like to inform you with the special prices in advance.
  5. Pornstar experience

    Kinky and bad!

    Do you ever watch a pornographic movie? Do you sometimes fantasize about a sexy lady going just a little bit further than you are used to? Then the Pornstar Experience is something for you. This kind of sex is rougher, more active and less inhibited than normal sex or as the Girlfriend Experience. You can think of some spanking, louder moaning and special positions where you thought it was only possible in your imagination. Premium Escort Service is always open for all questions or to hear some specific preferences, please contact us!
  6. Anal sex


    We can understand that you need something extra sometimes. Anal sex kan be very exciting, but only a few Premium Escorts are available for this even more intimed kind of sex. On the profile page of the ladies is mentioned who is open for this, and of course who is not. We would like to point on out that we have a very high respect and hygiene policy for the ladies. So please enjoy a sensual shower together first and always make sure that you change your condom.
  7. International bookings

    We love to think along!

    Are you on a business trip, but still want to enjoy your favorite Premium Escort? Are you going on a relaxed vacation, but don't want to go alone? Premium Escort Service knows what it's like to be accompanied by our incredible ladies. We would like to let you know what the prices are in advance, so that you don't get filled with surprises afterwards. We take care of all plane tickets, transport and hotel and make sure that you will enjoy your business trip without any worries.
  8. Special wishes

    Please let us know!

    Can't you find what you are looking for? Would you like something extra which you can't find between our services, or do you have another preference? Please don't hesitate, and contact us by phone or by mail. Premium Escort Service will do anything to make sure that you have the time of your life. The time you deserve. Why would you settle for less?